Capes Report

The Coordination of Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) was created in 1951 and implemented in 1976 the Graduate Evaluation System in the country. This evaluation system has as its foundation: the qualification, transparency, induction and financing of the Programs.
In the last triennial evaluation (2010-2012) the ENSP Postgraduate Programs were very well evaluated with note 6 for the Programs of Public Health, Public Health and Environment and Epidemiology in Public Health and note 4 for the Bioethics Program, Applied Ethics and Collective Health, very well evaluated for its new Program trajectory.
Note 6 for the Public Health Program represented an important gain for the School, since it showed the possibility of maintaining a program of great extension and diversity in an evaluation context whose emphasis was still the academic production recognized by the area.
The evaluation system involves information from the Program, the Faculty, the Student Body, Intellectual Production and Social Insertion.
The good evaluation of the Programs is the result of a collective effort of the coordination, the teachers and students both in the formation itself and in the capacity of expression of the results of this formation.
The involvement of teachers and students in the production and presentation of partial results of studies in congresses, articles, chapters and other materials is very important.
Keep an eye on the Congresses held each year and the Article Workshops and other initiatives that are promoted by the Programs and Direction. Inquire about financing mechanisms for participation in congresses, as well as the functioning of the research groups of the School. Talk to your advisor and area coordinator so he can help you locate these initiatives!
IMPORTANT: In order for us to express what work is accomplished, it is important to keep the Lattes Curriculum information up to date. If you encounter any difficulties, schedule the Program Secretariat to provide Lattes.
See the evaluation form of the Program with the details of the items contemplated in the Platform Sucupira