Research Lines

The objective of this line is the quantitative study of the transmission dynamics of infectious and parasitic diseases, as well as the development of methods and designs of epidemiological studies.
This line of research focuses on the analysis of the toxicity of drugs, environmental pollutants and natural substances of public health interest. It includes: (1) biotransformation studies of xenobiotics in parasitic diseases and inflammatory processes; (2) safety assessment (genetic and reproductive toxicity and drug kinetics investigation) of drugs for neglected diseases; (3) studies of the effects of environmental pollutants on organisms integrating aquatic ecosystems, with the development of biomonitoring and biomarkers of pollution from aquatic environments; (4) evaluation of reproductive toxicity, carcinogenicity, endocrine toxicity and neurobehavioral toxicity of pesticides and industrial pollutants; And (5) toxicological studies of natural products, considering the evaluation of their effects on xenobiotic biotransformation enzymes.